Stimulate your kid's potential and build stronger family bonds

with the power of melody.

What is Pomelody?

Pomelody is a comprehensive music education system for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and their families. It's the first in the world web application that stimulates activity between parents and kids though music. Music education brings countless benefits for young minds and Pomelody was designed to make it easily accessible for everyone.

Pomelody will lead you to nurture your kid's natural potential, regardless of your music background.

You'll be amazed by the results.


Reasons why Pomelody is the best solution
for your family

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It stimulates kid’s brain activity

resulting in increased IQ, creativity and language skills

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It’s great fun for your children

With Pomelody your kids will learn through play, having great time with family and friends

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It builds strong family bonds

Pomelody is designed to foster building stronger family bonds and improving non-verbal communication

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Convenience for parents

Pomelody fits your lifestyle. No more commuting, no more missed classes

What parents say about us?

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"Listening to music, dancing, singing, making music, it simply makes us happy and gives us a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with kids."

~ Maja

expecting mom of a toddler

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"Discovering sounds is pure joy. Music brings the world to my child, who is just starting to understand and discover it. We build closeness and a bond to each other."

~ Rob

dad of 4 year old girl

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"With Pomelody I save time and money on music lessons for my kids. And creating music together is a remarkable and important experience for all of us."

~ Craig

dad of twins

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Not only it's exciting and enjoyable to sing and dance at home but it also helps my children to learn a different language

- Natividad

mom of newborn, toddler and preschooler

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